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Spectral Mornings



“Enfin entouré d’un vrai groupe, c’est sans aucun doute le plus abouti des albums de Steve des années 70.

Les solos de guitare sont magiques (la fin de “Every day” et le romantisme du morceau-titre), l’exotisme est présent sur plusieurs titres (avec Steve jouant du Koto, instrument chinois), il y a le délirant “The ballad of the decomposing man” et son humour décapant, et les musiciens sont mis en avant sur le remarquable “Clocks”.

Steve, lui-même, considère que cet album regorgeant de “classiques” de son répertoire est une référence.

Bref, un chef d’oeuvre unanimement incontesté.”



“Troisième album de Steve, enfin entouré d’un groupe complet et soudé, et souvent considéré comme la meilleure galette de ces premières années, voire sa meilleure tout court.

Il est vrai que l’éclectisme, qui pouvait dérouter sur le précédent album, fait ici preuve d’une remarquable efficacité. “Spectral mornings”, ce sont deux solos mythiques (l’instrumental-titre et Every day, chanson entraînante à double harmonie), une ballade acoustique d’une grande pureté (“The virgin and the gypsy”), un instrumental planant oriental (“The red flower of Taï Chi blooms everywhere”), des bizarreries rock dont seul Steve a le secret (“Clocks” et “Tigermoth”, avec utilisation du pédalier basse), et un interlude acoustique évoluant en trois parties (un peu à part dans la carrière de Steve, d’autant plus qu’il est enchaîné avec “Tigermoth”). Bref, que de belles réussites, et qui fonctionne parfaitement en tant que tout.”


Can you light a fire in Winter’s face
Or say why a life has gone to waste
Pleasure Island was on overcrowded place
Cleopatra’s Needle conquered fear
One more nail in your coffin dear
Endless torture for at least two thousand years
(Every Day)
What’s the use of friendship, who am I
Hell bent on destruction, how I tried
You became a ghost to me long before you died

A gipsy compliment for (kneel down)
The scent of tyranny’s daughter (we are found)
At seventeen were bled in wild cream
Passing milk thistle by
Fox on the run
Old ragged robin flies
Virtue undone
A garland of green flowers (field of lime)
Surround a silver smoke tree (yours and mine)
Sweet marigold, not easy to find
Passing milk thistle by
Fox on the run
Old ragged robin flies
Virtue undone

In a very large factory I belong
And I work the night shift oll week long
Freddy on a chainsaw lost his feet
Thinking ’bout a blonde he’ll never meet
Tried to take his life again the other week
Keep your chin up, haven’t a care are you?
Just join the party, allegiance I swear
What’s the matter with Arthur Royal
I’ll go and top up his batteries and check the oil
Arthur blew a fuse two days ago,
Set himself alight, you didn’t know
Nearly burnt us down the twit just had to go
Take your chances, live on hot air
Chance of promotion, I’ll take that chair
Dreaming of golden sounds and palm trees
I said file these quickly and then staple these
Get yourself altered undo the seam, get back just
In time for tea (and don’t be late mind)
Nobody’s perfect least of all me
Married the job at age 23
Just keep my nose clean egg chips and beans
I’m always full of steam


Just like his old father before him
Who served in the great war would sing
We’re proud to serve Kaiser or King
They’ll always find someone who’s willing
To take Tigermoth chances alone
The boy that should never have flown
Wos thrown o hundred yards
Blown into smithereens
A crowd drew near but failed to hear
Look I’m over here and still one of you wait
The young man’s despondence soon halted
When gently a voice that he knew
Took shope slowly out of the blue
Flight Captain Jornes at your service
Last month I went down in the drink
You’re not as alone as you think
Here’s some of your motes from last Thursday
Shot down in their prime over Rome
The boys that can never go home
We’re thrown a hundred yards
Blown into smithereens
Until we meet again my friends
No regrets and Lily Marlene sings again


Infos générales

Sorti en 1979

Steve Hackett : guitares, harmonica, chant
John Hackett : flûtes, modèles “concert et bambou chinois”, pédalier basse
Nick Magnus : claviers
Dik Cadbury : basse, pédalier basse, violon, chant
John Shearer : batterie
Pete Hicks : chant

Produit par John Acock et Steve Hackett